Thursday, February 28, 2008

How to Defeat Exam Fever?

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EXAM FEVER is the virus which is spread among students from long back. Exam time is a period where students and parents are anxious, spend sleepless nights. Students worry about exams for days during and before exam days. Exam tests student knowledge of subjects which they studied and learned over the academic year but due to exam fever they can't perform to their best.

Many students experience unpleasant, negative thoughts during the exam periods, by which they loose concentration while preparing and as well as while performing in the exam. Concentration plays a very important role for students; students should study with no disturbance and with peaceful mind. Best way is to follow timetables made by you considering all factors like sleep time, relax time or eating time check all your routines and prepare a good timetable which can be followed. Concentration comes automatically when you are healthy and happy, so be happy and healthy during exams.

Some students are confident till they enter into the exam hall, but as they look into the question paper their mind is blank for some time as they think about the questions which they can't answer or for which they didn't prepare. This is a mistake done by many students they check the whole question paper once its in their hand, it's a wrong step specially for those who get sacred or afraid of not doing well seeing the whole questions. I agree student should be aware of questions to mange their time for lengthy answers, so best thing to do is check 2-3 questions, answer them and then check whole paper, choose best possible questions to answer them. This way student can gain some confidence as he already answered few questions.

Parents can be very helpful for students who are afraid of exams. Help them to revise, making notes, briefing points and conducting mock tests. Try to break up the difficult chapters into points, so that they can understand and study easily. Foremost thing that parent should take care is to see their child is fresh and taken good food during exams especially on the day of the exam.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

CBSE Xth Board Exam Schedule / Dates

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Saturday,01st March, 2008 10:30 AM
ELEM BOOK-K & ACCY - Code:254

Monday,03rd March, 2008 10:30 AM

Wednesday,05th March, 2008 10:30 AM
URDU COURSE-A - Code:003
PUNJABI - Code:004
TAMIL - Code:006
SINDHI - Code:008
MARATHI - Code:009
GUJARATI - Code:010
MANIPURI - Code:011
MALAYALAM - Code:012
ORIYA - Code:013
KANNADA - Code:015
ARABIC - Code:016
TIBETAN - Code: 017
FRENCH - Code: 018
GERMAN - Code:020
RUSSIAN - Code:021
PERSIAN - Code:023
NEPALI - Code:024
LIMBOO - Code:025
LEPCHA - Code:026
BHUTIA - Code:095
SPANISH - Code:096
KASHMIRI - Code:097
MIZO - Code:098
URDU COURSE-B - Code:303

Friday,07th March, 2008 10:30 AM
BENGALI - Code:005
TELUGU - Code:007
ASSAMESE - Code:014

Tuesday,11th March, 2008 10:30 AM

Friday,14th March, 2008 10:30 AM
ENGLISH COMM. - Code:101
ENGLISH LNG & LIT. - Code:184

Monday,17th March, 2008 10:30 AM

Wednesday,19th March, 2008 10:30 AM

Thursday,20th March, 2008 10:30 AM

Monday,24th March, 2008 10:30 AM
PAINTING - Code:049

Tuesday,25th March, 2008 10:30 AM

Thursday,27th March, 2008 10:30 AM

Friday, February 15, 2008

Boarding School’s Pros and Cons

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Parents that relocate often due to work have a problem with their children's education continuity that's the reason they opt for Boarding schools. But most of the parents are in dilemma whether they should or shouldn't send their kids to boarding school. Boarding school has its pros and cons like any other school. Let's have a glance on those factors.

Students of boarding school are very self-dependent, disciplined and well educated as student has to take care of himself other than just studies. Though boarding school can't provide the love, nurturing, and watchful eye of a parent, still most of the parents prefer boarding school as they feel education is important.

Each child has different mentality and family background, and due to this they face compatibility problem resulting homesickness. Homesick is a word which all students are aware, as they go through that one or the other day.

Boarding school Cons
  • Lack of well-rounded social exposure
  • Inferiority complex from seeing others excel in academics and sports
  • Possibility of falling into destructive groups or cliques
  • Lack of well-rounded social exposure
  • Homesickness and less bonding with parents

Boarding School Pros
  • More self-reliance and time management
  • Teachers get to know and understand the students and teach them well
  • Lifelong friendships and traditionally stronger social networks
  • Better opportunity for self-assessment through extra-curricular activities
  • More opportunities for teamwork and to explore interests and potential

The boarding school debate is endless. Decision to send kid to boarding schools should be based on a thoughtful analysis of the kid in question with unique challenges associated with growing up away from home.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Parents Play a Vital Role for Childs Psychology

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My friend Sindhu is a Counselor for school kids. Thought of sharing some experiences of her while counseling and teaching. First let me tell you about Sindhu, she is my friend from class 1, she is a very active girl from childhood. Sindhu was the first person to contact if her friends/classmates had some issues, she always uses to have some or the other solution for the issue. May be that's the reason she took this profession and doing with efficiency.

She shared some of hers counseling experiences with me, according to her primary class students are very tuff to counseled. They are very innocent by which we can't explain her in a matured manner we need to be very patient with them. One boy of 1st STD failed in his exams due to health problems he was a good student. He was forced to repeat his class, he wasn't ready for that, and he wanted to sit with his friends of his previous year class. He was disturbed and was loosing interest in studies; he stopped talking with others in-fact with his parents also. Sindhu counseled him with great difficulty as he is innocent, in first 2-3 sessions he dint even look up, slowly he got close to her and was very comfortable with her. She at last convinced that child and soon he was like before happy and joyful.

Parents play a vital role for Child's mentality but most of the parents are working and have very less time for their kids. They feel lonely and develop bad habits like smoking, drinking especially teenagers. One girl was addicted to drugs, after counseling sindhu came to know most of her friends do the same when they feel lonely……that's really pity. She had conversation with all her friends and had a successful session; she helped them to explain that parents work for them to give them better life, she took them to orphanage to show how kids are alone no body to take care and they are much better than those orphans. She had a separate counseling for parents, she told them the situation and explained them to spend some time and talk with them at least on weekends by which kids understand them and cooperate.

Counseling can be defined as interpersonal, theory-based process of helping children who are physically healthy but have developmental and situational issues. As I mentioned earlier parents play a vital role for child's psychology mentality, so parents should take care of their kids and talk with them as much as possible. Be a tutor to your develop child's psychology. Counselors do their part but parents are the ones who are close to kids.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Computer - A Blessing or Curse

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Computer has become a part of luxury for one and all, from kids to old people all have some or the other need from computer. Couple of years back personal computers was found very rarely in houses where as today you can find PC in about 2 out of 5 homes, the ratio has increased drastically. Internet was unknown to common people, now without internet our lives will halt as we need internet for almost in all arenas it might be banking, paying bills, emails, online booking for trains, or booking tickets for movie. Earlier if we wanted to have pizza/burger we had to compulsory need to go to bakery, now it's just a few clicks away you can order online and enjoy it at your home in no time.

PC is proven to be best buddy for youngsters and teenagers; they spend all their leisure time on computer. They love browsing, chatting, and playing games, in fact cricket scores, news, weather, latest gossips and more all are available on internet that's the reason they spend most of their time on system.

Computer knowledge is must for all, as children enter into elementary school they are taught computer basics, as they grow their knowledge is broaden. Parents also teach them to use computer for each and every work as they feel it's the best source to develop knowledge. In our childish days we use to play with friends but now kids are completely dependent on PC, instead of playing games like hide-n-seek they prefer playing computer games.

"Computer - A Blessing or curse" this is the argument which will never end, It has got its advantages and disadvantages in different perspective.

Your Thoughts Are Welcome!