Friday, February 15, 2008

Boarding School’s Pros and Cons

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Parents that relocate often due to work have a problem with their children's education continuity that's the reason they opt for Boarding schools. But most of the parents are in dilemma whether they should or shouldn't send their kids to boarding school. Boarding school has its pros and cons like any other school. Let's have a glance on those factors.

Students of boarding school are very self-dependent, disciplined and well educated as student has to take care of himself other than just studies. Though boarding school can't provide the love, nurturing, and watchful eye of a parent, still most of the parents prefer boarding school as they feel education is important.

Each child has different mentality and family background, and due to this they face compatibility problem resulting homesickness. Homesick is a word which all students are aware, as they go through that one or the other day.

Boarding school Cons
  • Lack of well-rounded social exposure
  • Inferiority complex from seeing others excel in academics and sports
  • Possibility of falling into destructive groups or cliques
  • Lack of well-rounded social exposure
  • Homesickness and less bonding with parents

Boarding School Pros
  • More self-reliance and time management
  • Teachers get to know and understand the students and teach them well
  • Lifelong friendships and traditionally stronger social networks
  • Better opportunity for self-assessment through extra-curricular activities
  • More opportunities for teamwork and to explore interests and potential

The boarding school debate is endless. Decision to send kid to boarding schools should be based on a thoughtful analysis of the kid in question with unique challenges associated with growing up away from home.


boarding school said...

This is very good article. It is right that the parents who do not have job at the fix place have to relocate them self. For the children of such parents boarding schools are the good option. There are so many popular boarding schools that provide good education and facilities to the students.

Anonymous said...

Thought the boarding school supply a good education, and experience. It enables a students sense of love and loosens the bond between family. In that, the grow closer to friends on a day to day, school environment, and then only communicate with parents through internet, or cellphones for months on end. The real argument is whether colleges or universities like day-school education or boarding-school education better. After all if your child can get into Harvard, or Cambridge etc at home rather than at boarding school, then theres no need. And the same goes for the other way around. it really depends on the person, the situation, and most importantly the current education.